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1 Review on “What makes us human? An artificial intelligence answers life’s biggest questions”

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  • Angelo Cannata Listing Owner

    The attempt to ask spiritual questions to AI had to be done. Here AI is represented by the computer GPT-3, that is even listed among the authors of this book. However, the final result is ridiculous for two reasons. First, the answers given by GPT-3 are without connections, a context, a personality, a perspective, they even contain contradictions. In a word, they are meaningless, like sayings. Secondly, they are treated with too much respect by the human authors, who show, this way, not to understand the emptiness of what GPT-3 says. As a consequence, the way the experiment is managed is even deceitful, because it favours ignorance and misconception about spirituality; it suggests that you can make spirituality simply by mixing together random “deep” statements, the same way commercial “spirituality” sellers do.

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