Course of Spirituality – Level 4 – Advanced

The theory of spirituality; building a solid structure of walking and openness



Why be interested in spirituality today

Spirituality can be defined as inner life

Intentional and passive spirituality

Structures of spirituality – I – Word search

Structures of spirituality – II

Structures of spirituality – III

Immanentism, materialism, anti-metaphysics

Difference between structures and meanings

Hermeneutics and spirituality

Threats to spirituality

Being toward death

Humanity and evil

Spirituality and evil

Human progressing and evil

Our perception of being I

Spirituality as a subject

Contamination between good and evil

Spirituality as weak experience

The subjective answer to objectivity

Criticism of metaphysics

Spirituality and philosophy

Landscapes of the spirit

The languages of spirituality

Metaphysics and relativism today

Is everything relative?

The non-universality of the universe

The paradoxes of infinity and human spirituality

Spirituality and science

The solution to Chalmers’ “hard problem of consciousness”

Indelible DNA Spirits

A synthesis

The existential answer

Spirituality and peace

Spirituality and existential betrayal

Narrate, not hope

Building retreats

Spirituality as nonviolence

Art and spirituality

The cross and the beauty of love

Spirituality of being there

The being there of our self

Being there and freedom

Being there and pity

Being there of universal evil and spirituality

The paradox

Face to face with love

Spirituality, confidence, faith

Captivated by spirituality

Cogito ergo sum