Angelo Cannata (Modica, 19 February 1964) is a researcher in spirituality and a biblical scholar. He is keen on Gianni Vattimo’s “weak thought”.

In 1991 he obtained a degree in Biblical Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University and was ordained a priest in the Catholic Church.

Until 2013 he divided his commitments between teaching the Sacred Scripture in some theological institutions and the parish ministry.

In 2013 he published the book Walking, available for free in this website, in which his line of thought is presented; the book is an introduction to philosophy aimed to highlight an anti-metaphysical perspective and as a life instrument.

That same year he left the priesthood, then he left the Catholic faith and soon after the faith in God. These choices have been caused by a perception of increasingly clear incompatibility between antimetaphysics and dogmatism of the Church first, critical thinking and problem of theodicy later. He does not find possible to profess faith in a God who is by definition good and omnipotent, and at the same time to maintain living memory of his absence in front of evil in the world.

In 2016 he started the blog Spiritual Study, a research targeted to the recovery of spirituality to criticism and secularism.

The logo of the website is a piano with a score, meaning that we interpret and play life like a musician interprets and plays a music score. I like the image of those who play a pipe organ in a monastery, often in a soft, dark  light, that makes me think of the secret of the soul, where our inner experiences happen. We can also think of spirituality as “playing us”, that is, inspiring us, our life, decisions and creativity, the same way the organ player is, in a sense, played by the music they are playing. You can see in this video an example of what I am talking about: