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A criterion for sharing experiences, that can solve a lot of problems and difficulties, is that of visiting.

I can visit a religion that is not mine, even if I am an atheist; I can even share their prayers, their rituals, making clear, at the same time, that I am not doing that as a believer, but because I have appreciation and respect for those people, I am sure that their religious experience has a lot to teach me.

An immediate objection […]

Happy endings

Stories with a happy ending are a contradiction and a risk of distortion and deception, because any happy ending cannot restore or replace the evil that has happened; instead, it contains the risk of causing forgetfulness. The happy ending introduces covertly the idea that a meaning can justify the evil that has happened.
This does not mean that we should not do research about the meaning of life, existence, the world, things of any kind. We just need to do […]