The following titles have been selected on the basis of top marks received by film critics. It is undoubtedly questionable, but it remains a point of reference for those who want to follow a path of training to the taste of cinema.

1922 Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Nosferatu: a symphony of horror

1924 Buster Keaton, Sherlock junior

1925 Sergej M. Ejzenštejn, Battleship Potëmkin

1925 Charles S. Chaplin, The gold rush

1927 Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Sunrise

1928 Buster Keaton, The cameraman

1928 Carl Theodor Dreyer, The passion of Joan of Arc

1930 Aleksandr P. Dovzenko, Earth

1931 Charles S. Chaplin, City lights

1931 Fritz Lang, M

1931 Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Tabu

1934 Robert J. Flaherty, Man of Aran

1936 Charles S. Chaplin, Modern times

1937 Jean Renoir, La grande illusion

1938 Howard Hawks, Bringing up baby

1939 John Ford, Stagecoach

1939 Jean Renoir, The rules of the game

1941 Orson Welles, Citizen Kane

1943 Carl Theodor Dreyer, Day of Wrath

1944 Sergej M. Ejzenštejn, Ivan Groznyi

1945 Marcel Carné, Children of Paradise

1946 Jean Renoir, A day in the country

1946 Roberto Rossellini, Paisà

1947 Charles S. Chaplin, Monsieur Verdoux

1948 Vittorio De Sica, Bicycle Thieves

1948 Luchino Visconti, The Earth Trembles – Episode of the sea

1950 Billy Wilder, Sunset Boulevard

1952 Vittorio De Sica, Umberto D

1952 Kenji Mizoguchi, The life of Oharu

1953 Kenji Mizoguchi, Ugetsu

1953 Yasujiro Ozu, Tokyo story

1954 Kenji Mizoguchi, The crucified lovers

1954 Luchino Visconti, Senso

1954 Akira Kurosawa, Seven samurai

1955 Charles Laughton, Night of the Hunter

1957 Ingmar Bergman, Wild strawberries

1958 Alfred Hitchcock, Vertigo

1958 Orson Welles, Touch of Evil

1958 Keisuke Kinoshita, The Ballad of Narayama

1958 Luis Buñuel, Nazarín

1959 Alain Resnais, Hiroshima mon amour

1960 Federico Fellini, La dolce vita

1962 Francesco Rosi, Salvatore Giuliano

1963 Federico Fellini, 8 ½

1966 Andrej Tarkovskij, Andrej Rublëv

1966 Robert Bresson, Au hasard Balthazar

1967 Jacques Tati, Play Time

1968 Stanley Kubrick, 2001: A space odyssey

1969 Marco Ferreri, Dillinger is dead

1969 Sam Peckinpah, The wild bunch

1972 Luis Buñuel, The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie

1973 Marco Ferreri, La grande bouffe

1974 Robert Altman, Nashville

1974 Theodoros (Théo) Anghelopulos, The travelling players

1978 Ermanno Olmi, The tree of wooden clogs

1979 Francis Ford Coppola, Apocalypse now

1982 Ingmar Bergman, Fanny and Alexander

1984 Sergio Leone, Once upon a time in America

1985 Akira Kurosawa, Ran

1987 Stanley Kubrick, Full Metal Jacket

1992 Edgar Reitz, Heimat 2 – Chronicle of a youth

1995 Emir Kusturica, Underground

1997 Aleksandr Sokurov, Mother and son

1998 Terrence Malick, The thin red line

2001 Francis Ford Coppola, Apocalypse now redux

2005 David Cronenberg, A history of violence

2006 Pedro Almodóvar, Volver

2006 Martin Scorsese, The departed

2008 Clint Eastwood, Gran Torino

2009 Marco Bellocchio, Vincere