Captivated by spirituality

  Captivated by spirituality and disregarding our being toward death In order to express the concept of being captivated by spirituality it is useful to me to recall some memories. As a kid, when I was studying, I read a page for the first time and it appeared prosaic, dry, difficult; I read it for the second time and I began to feel less thorny, softer, a little more familiar; the third time I recognized a flavor, a physiognomy, some reference points, I found it more friendly. A similar experience was when, long ago, in a hospital for [...]

Spirituality, confidence, faith

  In the lesson on love and justice I noted that, as human beings, we naturally give special importance to certain ways of being and behaving; among these I pointed out, precisely, love and justice. Here I will turn our attention to another of these faculties: it is confidence, etymologically linked to faith. What is confidence? I would define it as pretending to know what we do not know. It may sound strange as a definition, but I think it is effective to be aware of what happens. An example will help to understand the mechanism. Let’s think of a [...]

Face to face with love

  In an existential context, the characteristics of any being are not so much those resulting from scientific, objective tests, but especially those perceived by the spirit. This philosophy is beautifully represented in some Salvador Dalì’s paintings, that highlight flexibility of time: in human experience a minute can be perceived longer than a whole day, depending on how it is experienced; in the same way, a content can be perceived as larger than its container: the universe is surely infinite, but this spatial infinity is empty, insignificant, in front of, for example, the depth of a person’s heart. [...]