This list contains websites, texts, publications, persons, particularly significant with regard to spirituality considered from an independent and critical point of view. Other references are in the corresponding italian page of this website.

Christian Atheism
Ferrer Jorge
Don Cupitt
Hardwick Charley D., Faith and Objectivity, 1972
Harris Sam
Interalia Magazine
International Network for the Study of Spirituality (INSS)
Living Interfaith Church, by Steven Greenebaum
Nontheist Quakers (or Nontheist Friends)
Peterson Jordan
Philip Sheldrake, Spirituality. A very short introduction, Oxford 2012
Philosophie et Spiritualité (a French website)
Postmodern religion
Progressive Christianity
Radical theology – Radical theology group on facebook
Rollins Peter
Spirituality Institute for Research & Education
Spirituality Studies
Spirituality, Theology & Health (PSTH)
Transpersonal psychology