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The Zoom meetings organized by Spiritual Study are free and open to everyone. All spiritualities are welcome: believers, non believers, seculars, religious, spiritual-but-not-religious, atheists, agnostics, skeptics. The essential purpose of these meetings is to live a spiritual experience through dialogue. A spiritual experience is not necessarily special, exceptional, exciting unusual emotions and feelings; what is important is being perceived as valuable, interesting, meaningful, positive, helpful.

Normally the meetings have a weekly recurrence, every Sunday at 19:30, and last 90 minutes. Depending on situations, times can have some flexibility. The structure of the meetings is as simple as possible; click on the items for more information:

Self introductions, topic, possibly with a short text.

In this moment of silence we can remember that our main purpose is to meet each other as persons: we can even contemplate those present’s faces; secondarily, we pay attention to the content of discussions. The length of silence is intentionally short, but we can discuss it. It can also be just a moment of experiencing and listening to silence as such. You can have a look at the articles and videos Silence and spiritual experiences and The practice of silence.

Depending on the number of participants, they will be split in smaller groups to give everyone more chance to express themselves.

In this time we can also discuss next topics, suggestions and improvements.

After the meeting we can use the forum to further communicate and keep connected.

The topics of the meetings are organized as short courses of conversation on topics connected to spirituality; the number of meetings of each course will be adapted according to the ongoing experience: a course can be composed even of just one meeting or any number of meetings. Participants can use the forum as an instrument to expand discussions, make suggestions, collaborate to the development of the meetings.

A good setup of your microphone is recommended. You don’t need professional expensive microphones to obtain a good result. What is more useful is an optimal setup of the equipment you already have. Try to do many tests to find the best settings of your software.

Depending on the ongoing of the experience, the meetings can be structured differently: suggestions are welcome.

How frequently would you like to have these Zoom meetings?
What day of the week?
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