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Progressing is an attempt to experience good

For an assessment of progressing it is useful to start from the observation that evil gives rise to the problem of theodicy, i.e. the question of how there can be evil if God is good; this theological problem demolishes Christianity and any religion that wishes to make reference to God as a person able to give answers or at least as good.

In addition to this, the problem gives rise to the impossibility of any rational understanding and any hermeneutics of the world and of existence, as human acts that cannot ignore the unacceptability of such an unjust world. In other words, if the problem of theodicy leads to the conclusion that God cannot exist, the problem of evil would lead the human mind to conclude that this world cannot exist, it does not exist. The conclusion may seem grotesque to minds accustomed to think in a metaphysical way, but the question, rather than being related to the existence of the world, is about our ability to understand it.

In this sense evil not only makes impossible any metaphysics, but it is metaphysics, as an attempt to ignore doubt and the incompatibility of human thought and evil. In this context it should be noted that human spirituality is not thought, but experience of thinking, as thinking tries to be a human progressing. As a child of progressing, human spirituality is also self-criticism, that is, awareness of the possibility of being even itself evil, as it is part of an overstepped way, or does not realize itself as a progress, or even for the knowledge that in anything human the non-human inhabits as well, and therefore it is necessary to progress. In this perspective of human sensitivity, progressing can be considered not only as a fact that anyway takes place in this world, but also as an attempt to create, in ourselves and in the world, something that we can experience as good. Progressing, in itself, does not therefore exist as good, but only as a possible experience, as a human faculty that can be appreciated and that seems worthwhile to contribute to let to exist in the world.