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Sometimes we are happy with our life, but sometimes we feel in need to find something to do, not to do here and now, but to do in general, as the main orientation of our life. Our life can considered like a card to play, but sometimes we are in a discomfort, being in too a big confusion about how to play this card, what to do with our life. A typical moment when we might feel this difficulty is when we need to make a choice about our next school, the choice that will determine if I will be a doctor, an engineer, a missionary in Africa or God knows what. Talking of God, there is an essential difference about this between believers and non believers: normally, believers think that God has a plan on their life, so the problem is finding his intention, listening to his will. Non believers will have to determine the best orientation for their life without such a reference and also considering that probably the perfect way for your life does not exist, there is not any predetermined element making a specific choice the perfect fulfilment of your life: we just try to find the best occupation, or, we might even say, the lesser evil.

What criterions can help when we are in this situation? Some considerations can be helpful.
An essential basis is that what makes us, and our future as a consequence, known to us is practice. We determine our best future basing on the present. If in the present we don’t do anything, if we don’t make attempts to test our abilities, to check which activities make us feel fulfilled, we cannot gain a good knowledge of ourselves. The consequence is that we should explore many activities, interests, engagements, styles, so that our being will show its feeling and we can see where we bear the best fruits. Of course we cannot explore all possible choices, but we can at least check as many as possible. In simple words, you will hardly realize that your best way is becoming a painter if you never tried to take a pencil, a pen, a brush in your hand and draw or paint anything. This makes us realize that a good environment is essential to do this. A family that doesn’t encourage a child to explore many activities, many horizons, will waste the gifts hidden in that child. If our family is or was not so encouraging about this, we can try to compensate in any way, now that we understood how important encouraging ourselves is.

After this, we can consider that not a few people, even people who became famous all over the world, didn’t find quickly their way. Besides, it is not rare that people who dedicated their entire life to a well defined activity, at a certain point made a revolution and changed completely their engagement, even abandoning the job that let them earn the necessary money for living, and diving in risky and unknown adventures. We must say that adventures are not always successful, but we must also remember the saying “nothing ventured nothing gained”.

Another element able to make a big difference in our life is meeting the best people. Somebody who is able to discern your gifts while they are still hidden in your personality is an invaluable treasure because they will enable you to discover whole universes that will make your life rich of connections, even able to help the entire world to make big steps forward. As a consequence, you should put a lot of attention in finding people who might have this ability on your life, you should try to have relatioships with them, even at risk of importuning them, in order to get from them the best advice, the best tips, that might open your eyes on your life and your future.

Don’t worry if you can’t find orientation quickly; even after many years, don’t be frustrated: it’s not your fault, great personalities of the world history found sometimes their right way very late in their life.